Need Ideas For My Book! Can You Help?

So to give you a basic synopsis:
The Book is going to be an Epic, Dark Fantasy, Action, Horror novel series taking place in the Middle Ages.
Book one will have about 400 pages or more if necessary.

*The Story*

Taking place around the 1400-1500s, An evil cult known as, "The Order of The Baphomet" rises to power and opens a gate/portal to Hell sending the world into chaos. The cult's goal is to rule over humanity using the demons to thier will. Overwhelmed by this demonic apocalypse, 75% of humanity is wiped out in no less than a year. Desperate, the remnants of humanity traveling from all across the the globe, hear of a Kingdom called Midgard, that is fairing itself well against this otherworldly invasion but, is in dire need of assistance. The Story focuses on the fight of a United humanity who must fight together against a threat that threatens thier ENTIRE existence! The story center's around the young protagonist and young rookie class of youth, (starting from age 14 and up) who must join the fight and aid humanity in its fight against this tyrannical rule and possibly; it's extinction.


1) Now even though the cause of this tragic calamity is because of what this evil cult did, I'm still having trouble coming up with HOW they rose to power! GAG, I'm HOPING you can HELP me with that!!! (HIGHLY IMPORTANT)

* For this novel series, I'm focusing HEAVILY on character development and any insight you could give me would be invaluable! (I really wanna focus on race diversity in the characters and thier origin).

*I'm also doing HEAVY research on the weapon usage in this time period. I want to stay away from guns, but I like the idea of cannons though. Any insight you could give me would be greatly appreciated!
*Got any ideas for monsters? No* Twilight shit!
(No Vampires and Werewolves) Use your EPIC imagination!

**I'm really excited to start this book** and can't wait to hear your feedback!



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  • Sorry took long worked a 10hr shift plus walking in The cold. Now character development. Bleh luckily for me I'm a novelist. I like to call it character arc.

    1) the reason your botched on this part cause never answered why are they evil in the first place. Demons serve no point to no your plot. Now to fix this you gotta know what's there goal and back story. In real life demons goal is to take on gods angels, why? Cause they disagree with only one God can serve for humanity. So they voew to take revenge on the Angels.

    Your story case. The demons wants to rule over humanity : goal: " to control humanity."

    Back story: cause years ago shamans and demons never really got along. One day a war broke out and no one knows who won. All was calm before the storm until they voew to return.
    (Shamans are humans that can contact the dead and seal them away as well. )

    • They rose to power by possessing a world leader of humanity he let the masses to help open hells gate.

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    • Thank you brother!👌

    • Any time homie, any time.

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  • You could look back at history and read up on how the Nazi's rose to power or ISIS or ancient empires or something to get realistic ideas for how stuff like that happens. I used to write a lot when I was younger, but I'm much more of a science person... so if you ever run into a part of your story that might need some science I'd be of much more help XD good luck!


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