Who are your favorite pro sports teams? Are you proud of the way that they've played this season, or last season since baseball is done till april?


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  • Toronto Blue Jays: Disappointed by their loss to the Indians considering Bautista and Encarnacion most likely won't be coming back and the Red Sox have stacked their rotation with Chris Sale, Rick Porcello and David Price.

    New York Knicks: Not a huge basketball fan but they're fun to watch and I enjoy seeing them play regardless of outcome.

    Philadelphia Flyers: Disappointed by their performance, was expecting them to be a middle of the road team and they performed much worse last year.

    Chicago Bears: Was pleased by the way they played this and last year.

    Notre Dame Fighting Irish: Pleased by the way they've been playing.

    • I'm an Astros fan and im so happy you guys beat the Texas Rangers in the playoffs the last couple of years, I actually thought you guys were going to the world series last year, but it ain't happening this year because of the Red Sox like you said, and the Indians are still tremendous, and my Astros are getting really good, plus the Tigers, and the Mariners.

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    • Last question just out of curiosity, who do think they will play in the wild card game? Because it sounds like you pretty clearly have the Red Sox winning the Al East, Al Central Winner? Al West Winner? Gut feeling.

    • Most likely the Red Sox are going to have the best overall record, so here's how I see it going down next year.

      ALDS: Indians vs. Rangers
      ALDS: Red Sox vs. TBD
      WC: Jays vs. Orioles.

      NLDS: Mets vs. TBD
      NLDS: Cubs vs. Giants
      WC: Dodgers vs. Nationals

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