Which group of smartphone fanboys do you think are worse, Apple/iPhone fanboys or Android/Samsung Galaxy fanboys?

I don't have a problem with either company (Apple or Android or Samsung or Google), I just can't tolerate their extreme fanboys wasting their time finding a reason to bash on other expendable product, lol. For instance, Apple fanboys constantly pointing out how the Samsung Galaxy S7 model exploded on once on one owner, then assumes that all Samsung Galaxies (regardless of their generation) are hazardous and explosive, lol. I've had my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus for a year and never have I ever had any problems with it (other than a cracked screen from a previous job that's a shitty labor job I luckily quit from soon).

  • Apple/iPhone fanboys
  • Android/Samsung Galaxy fanboys?
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  • First off, my view is that the whole fanboy thing sucks, blind loyalty to a company does you no good.
    Now that being said Android is not a company. Its an OS. Also, not all android devices are samsungs so the "apple/iphone or android/samsung" isn't a proper way to put that. There's plenty of other companies that make android devices.

    • Yeah I know. LG and Motorolla also make Android phones but when people think of Android phones, they think of Samsung since they make the best android phones out of the rest (from a technical hardware standpoint).

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  • Both - get the better device - a blackberry.

  • I want to vomit

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