Talent vs Race? Theatre?

This is something I asked my friends a while back because we were talking about theater in casting.
Ok so pretend you directing a play. A High school musical production.
Two kids are auditioning for the same role, they both love the role and want it just as much.
One kid is white, one kid is black.
The white kid was fantastic at the audition and nailed everything. (Singing, dancing, acting, etc.)
The black kid did Good as well, but they did not do nearly as good as the job is the white kid.
The only problem in the situation is the character that they are both auditioning for is described as a black person and has been played by predominantly black actors for a period of time. (Is not required but its been highly encroached)
As the director, who would you give the role to?
Ill share my answer later.

  • Talent over race. The white kid gets it.
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  • If the character supposed to be black than it should go to the black kid.
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Let's say the black kid was mediocre with his talents. Like u know the white kids was better, is it fair to deny them the part specifically because of their race?
we did the musical Fame, I played a character named Miss Sherman who is been play predominately by black people, I had to sing soul and talk about how I was from the ghettos. I am a white girl, but nobody really paid attention to that they paid tension to how I played as a teacher who really cared about her students and could sing.


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  • It reminded me of the movie, C. A. M. P where they had a black kid playing fiddler on the roof 😂. I'd go with the black kid, although it would make more sense to just switch around the roles so that a kid who got another part would play the character in question and put the white kid somewhere that fits him better


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  • Black kid should get the role and the white kid get another important role, or even possibly a leadership position if there are no roles left (since this is a high school production it's about furthering the kids talent which this would do.)

    People go too far when they decide to get creative with the casting, because some instances it takes away from the message of the book. It'd be like Huckleberry Finn without a black guy. How would that make sense.

    • Sorry I meant play.

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  • Most of the audience would find it off-putting if a Caucasian person was playing a role rooted in black experience. As long as the black actor does ok technically, I'd go with him.

    • And let's not kid ourselves, the average Caucasian actor has had a lot more training, a lot more opportunities, a lot more likely to have family who are in the theater, right?

      so when you say 'talent', aren't you really saying, 'background in the theater', and that' rarely equal.

    • Happens in Hollywood all the time.

  • Depends
    If it's describe that the main role is black guy then black guy should get the role
    If the race isn't mentioned then talent 💁

  • I'd go for accuracy. but give the white kid a good position that helps develope their abilities as an actor

  • The black dude. Simple reasoning: If you fit the description, you get the role. High quality plays right there

  • I'd actually see if I could bring a kid up to speed. I'd keep the white kid in mind, or even get to come in, but sometimes, the difference between good and bad is pointing out the flaws and fixing them for a person, so if I could teach the black kid how to be a better actor, I'd do it. If not, I'd go with the white kid and make him black. But, I'd put in effort to bring the black kid up to speed.
    Missing skill sets can be taught if a person is driven to learn.

    • Laziness on the other hand is an unfixable self destructive disease. So if the black kid wasn't willing to put in the work, I'd go with the white kid.

  • The black kid. If the role calls for being black. You choose the black kid.


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  • If race doesn't that matter in the play i would choose white kid.

  • I would try to find someone else for the role but if I couldn't I would pick the black kid for the black role. I'd do the same for any role that was supposed to be a certain race.