Need help making music?

Ok so i dabble in the makings of music, while im not lyrical genius? I have a pretty good ear. I was wondering if you guys new a app the I could use to make beats? Sort of a digital beatpad


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  • I can try and help. First off, it's important for me to know your limitations so I can try and point you to things...
    -- What gear do you have? (Only a smart phone? A computer? etc.)
    -- What kind of music were you wanting to make. (Electronic?, rock?)
    -- Were you wanting to incorporate any musical instruments in your writing process? (I. e. If you play guitar)

    • Oh and a budget is nice. Are you looking for free stuff only? A few dollars? A hundred? Etc.

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    • Thank youuuuuuuuu!!!

    • No problem. If you need any more help lemme know 👍

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  • Propellerhead Reason, but that's pretty expensive.


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