Naruto fans here? how crazy was the fourth great ninja war? looking forward to Boruto chapters in 2017?


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  • I have to admit it was doooope as duck. Madara was over powered and I love how he took on the hokages of old and new, sasuke, naruto, ninja alliance, the tailed beast, and still tamed the 10 tails. Beast as mothafucka but I hated how it ended with kaguya I was pissed as all hell. Team 7 reunited, you got naruto and sasuke reasons for doing what they do and plus I liked how they combine there nature types. I'm like omg stop!! Loved it. Boruto... Meh. The over all parings suck and there just rewritten character of there parents. But I still like it.

    • actually boruto will get byakugan. he's a genius and is training under sasuke... there is too much I'm expecting from him.. naruto was okay with its ending.. it dragged too long coz of fucking fillers... they should've invested more in kaguya than fillers coz madara was more of a bad ass than kaguya in my opinion

    • Right right. I gotta catch back up with boruto cause honestly I never seen the movie. Even if he do gets the byakugan still won't help. Cause sasuke and naruto are gods now so the threat won't last long. Sooo that's that. I hated the fillers soooo much. But luckily they ended. Naruto Storm 4 showed us everything anyway. Plus the manga.

    • dude boruto predicted to unlock tenseigan... too much hype man i love it!!!

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