What national style of humour is the best?

Referring to TV shows, movies and general works of humorous Entertainment. I personally find the sarcastic and sardonic style of British humour very good, and Australian comedy similar to the big lez show is comedy gold. America produce a lot, and they certainly have some premium hilarious shit, but there is a lot of watered-down garbage too. So what Nation do you think brings the most laughs?


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  • British humour and Jamaican humour.
    Yes, I gotta be a little biased and support my own country's humour lol


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  • British.


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  • Russian :))

    • oh and balkanic style humor, seen Kusturica movies?

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    • O chyom govoryat muzhchiny (2010) - 4 men decide to go to Odessa for a concert but their journey is way too hilarious, there is a sequel to this but not as good as the first, you can find both on youtube but no subs
      Den vyborov (2007) - a movie about the election of a governor and how votes are stolen, i love this one, has sequel that is decent, no subs
      Demmobed (2000) - this i found on yt with eng subs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVyDqY56yL0 about army stuff but i found it funny
      they are some i remember now and not the soviet comedies
      As for Kusturica...
      Miracle of life/Zivot je cudo - a guy who is an architect has to build a tunnel connect Serbia and Bosnia but the war starts, a great comedy with a few feels and awesome music
      Underground - a comedy-drama with 2 friends and their experiences since ww2 to the yugoslav wars, it can be a bit weird but funny nevertheless, also awesome music

      try some and ask for more if interested, these are my favs

    • just take your time with them and digest as they are not similar to western comedy, no offense i hope, i enjoy brit comedy shows but i still prefer eastern comedy