The first half of my novel is almost 100,000 words and the story is not over yet. Should I split my book up into a sequel?

How can I avoid splitting it up? The problem is, its not long for the sake of being long, I already planned the story from start to finish. I did not plan on the book being really long at all. I thought it would be 90K, but the story itself is not over. If I cut things out to reduce it, the novel will not make any sense, and for some reason I have a hatred towards writing sequels because I am an aspiring writer and I do not want to write a sequel because that is like assuming that the 1st book will be popular and I do not want to do that.


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  • WARNING: Agents and publishers typically will not consider novels from first-time unpublished authors that are longer than 90,000 words. If you check submission requirements from most legit agencies, for example, they'll tell you somewhere around 90K is about the limit.

    There are always exceptions, of course, but what you're submitting had best be brilliant if it's 100K+... as in, one in a million brilliant. If the story isn't even half done, yes, this has to be a series and I would further suggest you may be overwriting, a very common mistake of new writers.

    • The story is fantasy adult, does that mean the word count still has to be around 90K? I am hoping that I am overestimating in my head, but I do not think I am not. I am currently at 93K and I am hoping that after I edit it, it will be shorter

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    • I think that the longest it might go is 120K. But I am hoping that I can get down to 115K, so by the time I start editing I can at least cut it down.

    • @fathoms77 im already at 101,603 words and Im on chapter 7. The novel has 13 chapters. What should I do? Because im not sure if the story is going to stop at the 120K mark

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  • Harry Potter books average about 150k words more or less, the Sorcerers Stone having lede and the Order of the Phoenix having more.

    • I understand, but I have never been published before lol, and I am trying to get published traditionally. I write stories for fun, but this book in particular I want to try to get published.

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    • Alright. Make sure you write it so there's a possibility of a sequel, something that'll have readers want to continue reading

    • I have it set up for a possibility of a sequel, but first I want to see how the first book does if I even manage to get published. Its competitive

  • how many pages is that tho

    • Apparently publishers go by word count but a 100,000 word book is estimated to be about 400 pages

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    • So do you mean like for example: "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone"?

    • pretty much lol, or you can simply go "II, or like pt2" basically saying its the second in a series

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