Who loves Pink Floyd?

Maybe my 2nd favorite band behind Rush..
@Bananaman177 please limit your answer to 3 videos this time lol
Also there should be a straight up "Music" category on here..


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  • Yes. I'm English, it's mandatory to love them over here.


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  • They're in my top 5. If you like those two then you like progressive rock. That's my favorite style too. My faves are Yes, Rush, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Queen, Moody Blues. The number one spot is always Yes with the others changing according to my mood

    • I'm with you except for Yes.. Owner of a lonely heart is epic though.. Genesis and Phil's solo career are top 5 here as well. Queen is definitely worth at least an honorable mention :)

    • To me epic Yes are the 30 minute long compositions of their pre 90125 era. I think Wish You Were Here is PF's best album. I'm a live album freak and I listen to Delicate Sound of Thunder all the time. I love what they did with Money and Another Brick in the Wall on that album

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