My dell inspiron won't work? HELP PLEASE?

So I got the dell inspiron 11-036 or something like that for Christmas, and I've resetted it TWO times since Christmas. 1st time cause my grandma set it up wrong and the 2nd time cause my little cousin screwed up my settings when he was playing a game. (Still can't figure it out)
So I went to reset it, I took a nap and woke up and it said "error resetting" so I pressed cancel. (The only button that was showing) and it beeped really loud, did a test and said my computer was fine.

Now when it turns on it doesn't go past the dell symbol. It does this over and over. Goes black, turns on, goes black again, etc.. Like a cycle.

Does anyone know how to fix this?
(It was charging while resetting)


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  • ?

    I'm struggling to understand what went on here. So what kind of reset did you perform?

    And how did she set it up wrong?

    Anyway I'd just go for a factory reset in this case (assuming that you can still get in to the BIOS)

    Also what version of windows is this?

    • I believe its windows 10 and where do I find factory reset in the bios?

    • I just went under the settings and pressed reset this pc

    • ah so it's a new windows 10 machine? Then it will be UEFI not BIOS you need to access. "reset this PC" is what you'll need to do again, you should be able to find it somewhere just have a look around.

      Anyway if you can't find it then you'll have to recover it another way (either with a recovery disk or USB) did the laptop come with a recovery disc by any chance? (You'll be able to download everything you need to recover it directly from MS)

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  • Go to some other place for help. Not everyone can answer you here. Try google or youtube for your problem.

    • I have and nothing has showed up, plus costumer service doesn't answer so

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    • How do. I get to safe mode?

    • Power off then press F8

  • push ESC on the Dell screen. it may tell you the error it's having. sometimes it won't get past that part if keyboard isn't plugged in or some other error.

  • try going into the bios setting


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