How can I find a good co-author?

Is there any best way to find a co-author? (For original work.) I have a character, a semi-built world, and an idea, but it's just something that I feel would be more fun with a co-author to write the male 'enemy' turned love interest to my female character. As well as someone to fuse idea's with, and make things better, and even more amazing!

I just really adore the feeling of being excited to read how the other person's character/characters respond to mine, and how they mix together. Those surprises when the co-author thinks of something you did NOT see coming. I've only had one co-author who I found on accident, but... have no luck currently. The old co-author is no longer in my life and isn't a writer anymore.

I am a very literate and creative writer. Usually I do prefer writing on my own, I love writing, it's my passion! However, in this case, I feel this story would be so much more exciting with a co-writer.


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  • Glad you are writing a story! It really is a great way to embrace creativity. Unfortunately I am tied up with my latest novel I have been writing solo about game design and I can't take on another project

    • Thank you! I've been writing since I was 11. I've been more focused on fanfiction lately which has helped my skill level greatly, but really want to get working on an original. Good luck with your novel!

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    • How is your book going?

    • It's going alright. It's basically a build on a specific two years of my life just a bit more of dramatization to it to add to the story of course. I have written close 40 percent of it so far and that is 27,000 words so when I end up finishing I'd like to reach 80,000 hopefully. It's kind of an amazing set of events and circumstances I encounter to build a team, design two games, make public appearances and interviews and then ultimately write a book pertaining to the whole thing with a simultaneous launch of the original game!

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  • I would love to co-write a story. Don't judge me on my age, but I have been writing ever since I was 8 years old and I believe that my style of writing is very well developed for my age. If you'd ever be interested in co-writing a story, I'd love to.

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