Would you rather be the opposite sex for a year or looking like a alien for a year?

If you're the opposite physical sex, your passport, driving licence (If you have one), bank ID, name and other important documents etc. do automatically change so it match your new sex. There are also a possibility for people to get used to your new looks/sex. You are still a human, but it might take time to be used to your new body.

If you looks like a alien, you do still have the same human and civil rights like everybody else in your country. You do also have passport etc. But you would look weird and people may stare at you. You can be a celeb though.

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  • Being the opposite physical sex for a year
  • Being alien looking for a year
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  • I want to be the opposite sex so I can jack off my dick, lmao.


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  • 66.media.tumblr.com/.../...vku6k0JA1tn2sj5_500.gif
    By alien do you mean strictly Xenomorph or do Saiyans count too?

  • Would you rather be the opposite sex for a year or looking like a alien for a year?

    No, I do not what to be the opposite sex. No to the alien for a year. I bless if being the sex that God gave me. I have no desire to change it for any reason. I greatly enjoyed being a male. I am bless with my gift of life.

  • opposite sex forever

  • Would I have the right to eat people?

    • You would still be able to eat normal food. You do also still have the same taste, feelings, dislikes VS likes etc. as you have as a human and your personality stays the same. If you eats people, you might come in trouble.

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