Anyone else obsessed?

I'm really obsessed with shows that have a strong male lead and a nice romantic interest.
shows like

teen wolf
the vampire diaries
the originals

the heirs
my love from another star

quatro lunas


I feel a need for romance, a protective guy. Is that common or am I weird?

*btw if you have any recommandations: let me know

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Most Helpful Guy

  • If you're fine with it also being dramas, you could check out "Koizora" And "Sprout" Although Sprout has a female lead.

    I can't give you too many, cause I primarily watch dramas with female leads.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I burnt out on Teen Wolf. Like I made it to where he and the Asian girl started dating, but lydia got onnmy effin nerves with all that screaming. I was only watching for Stiles.

    I still watch Vampire Diaries, but im so glad its the last season. I still can't get over how they act like Stefan and Elena never existed, so I just watch for Enzo at this point.

    True Blood ended in disappointment. I liked One Tree Hill but it wasn't the same without Chad Michael Murray.

    I adore Jane the Virgin. She and Michael give me life!! I also like The Flash but im sad because its getting closer to the point where his love interest will soon die. The Royals is also a good show because I love how sweet the guy playing Jasper is

    • Yeah, teen wolf was more fun in the beginning. Back then when derek and peter were still there.. a lot of the time sans shirt, lol.

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    • My hottie list from teen wolf goes
      Derek, Peter, Isaac, Brett, Stiles, Jackson, Scott. (Leaving out the lesser known characters) I don't know I'm just never into the main character. They're always so damn heroic.

      I never hated Lydia but eventually she became a little annoying.

      YES! I don't get why everyone liked Alison when she died still. She was such a backstabber..

    • Lol yea for me its Stiles, Jackson, Scott, Chris Argent, and Garret the Assassin before he died lol

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What Guys Said 3

  • Those shows were literally designed to appeal to teenage girls.

  • im gonna start watching vampire diaries in some days

  • I don't like those shows.


What Girls Said 3

  • Love love LOVE vampire diaries!
    I prefer the earlier seasons though. I miss Elena

    • Haven't watched all eps yet, I'm on a break because she took the cure😀

  • i am obsessed with k-dramas

  • I prefer the ones that have polemic topics

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