The Real Stories of Disney Romance's?

Ariel and Eric:

In Eric's world, the boat wreck enabled him to hallucinate the girl of his dreams "Ariel" . She had all the aspects in a woman he truly wanted. She had a beautiful voice until she became mute, unable to speak, but yet he still had the ability to fall in love with her, even without it. Yet, in the real word Ariel didn't exist. The reality is he in fact married a woman known as Ursla the sea witch, because she had that "voice".

Flynn Ryder and Rapunzel:

More so about a king who lost both his wife and daughter because there is no actual curing plant other than MJ in our world. It told a story of all the pain he was experiencing. Had Rapunzel lived, a woman would of just kidnapped her, and Flynn would have died on her.

Cinderella :

A maiden's life who had big dreams because she was miserable, controlled and longing to actually find the man of those dreams.
Let's face it, there is no fairy god mother.
That's why "A dream is a wish your heart makes" is so relevant.

Snow White:

She's actually dead. Her step mother, too jealous of her beauty, and eventually posioned her, killing her. Her skin as white as snow. Having hopes Snow White could live , it's also quite tragic.

I could go on... but here is Walt Disney... through his films and story making, if you look at all those movies in reality, he was teaching us that death and life are two different things, anything can kill you, but you still oughta dream. Only for the sake, "it may happen."

Anyone else agree?


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  • ya I like your take on things, most of these stories were usually plagiarized from the grimm brothers and changed into fairy tales. The originals weren't exactly nice stories and taught you life doesn't always work out perfectly but you can't exactly make kids movies with really grim stories


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  • The Disney movies are actually from the Grim Brothers and are very gore-y. They are portrayed much sweeter than they are.


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  • Haha walt Disney also made all the disney princesses fall in love at 16 and younger so what does that tell us?

    • Seriously, though. How many girls have fallen in love because those movies gave ounces of hope? 😂😂😂

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    • Nope.

    • haha why do you think it's not haha

  • These aren't the original stories