In your opinion, what's the 2nd best year for movies?

The reason it's 2nd best is because 1994 is easily the greatest year. The field was beyond loaded with Forrest Gump, lion king, shawshank and pulp fiction... and I didn't even mention speed, ed wood or quiz show


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  • 1995 when my favorite movies Toy Story, Clueless and Pocahontas came out ❤️😍


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  • The second best year in my opinion was 1989. I googled the year, so I have a long list of films lol

    Indiana Jones 3
    Back to the Future 2
    Field of Dreams
    Major League
    Driving Ms. Daisy
    Lonesome Dove
    Lethal Weapon 2
    Do the Right Thing
    Honey I Shrunk the Kids
    Lean on Me
    When Harry Met Sally
    The Little Mermaid
    NL Christmas Vacation
    Harlem Nights
    Weekend at Bernie's
    Ghostbusters 2
    All Dogs Go to Heaven ("I be killin them b*tches" in my little Wayne voice 😂).

    They aren't all great, but they're notable movies.

    • Eh, you can do better. Try 4 years earlier and you got back to the future and the goonies, Rambo 2, the color purple and breakfast club 👍

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    • Breakfast club is kinda overrated, tbh... you ain't missing much

    • Thanks for MH

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  • I also would say 1994 as a premier year but my second choice would be 2008. That year we were blessed with movies like Gran Torino, The Dark Knight, Slumdog Millionaire, Changeling, Frost/Nixon, Curious Case of Benjamin Button. There are more cult classics from that year like Pineapple Express. Maybe they aren't the most influential movies but they are all strong movies in their own right and I enjoyed 2008 for movies.

    • 2008 is pretty underrated, but it's kinda hard to put it up there. I wasn't a fan of Pineapple Express (I have a thing against Seth rogan) and still haven't seen Benjamin button yet 😭

  • I'd actually put 1994 as 3rd or 4th on my list

    • What's your top 3, then? It's pretty much universally considered the best year by anyone who knows film. Maybe 1980, 36 holds up and possibly a couple in the 50s