Pls Help! I can't see anything with my Xbox?

So a friend of mine just gave me his Xbox 360 because he moved to another state. I plugged it to my tv screen with HDMI but I can't see anything, just a sign that says "please adjust resolution. Uncompatible device". I tried a trick I saw on Youtube. I turned it on with the central button of the controller and then held RT and Y. It should have fixed it but nothing changed. What can I do? My friend doesn't know because he didn't have this problem with his tv screen, which is bigger than mine by the way. Thanks.


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  • What size is your screen and what type? Iiirc you need 1080p screen for the hdmi functions otherwise you'll have to try scart.


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  • 1. It's"Incompatible"
    2. He gave you because he moved to another state?
    3. Show it to someone smart

    • Sorry, English is second language and I'm still learning. Well it's irrelevant why he gave it to me. I'm asking because no one else knows what to do, but that doesn't mean we are not smart. Thanks

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