Is this a good solution?

I really wanted to take this class. However the instructor doesn't like me. And I think one or two of the peers too.

One solution I determined was to maybe wait a little, and take teh class in the summer instead of the winter term. By then probably everyone will have forgotten about any friction

what say?


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  • Hmm id say to take it now. Who cares about haters lol

    by the way... what was the reason for the friciton, may i ask?

    • The thing is the instructor not liking me could pose a problem for sure, as in she might just take out all her anger on me.

      I think the reason for the friction was she thought I was wrong about something and kept indirectly sort of insulting me without telling me what was wrong.

      I got annoyed in the end and it was really about to become a scene, but I calmed it down a little by saying thank you and walking away.

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    • Yeah I thought so too. The only thing is, she had been very rude prior to even saying, "yeah I mean if there were 15 people taking my class I wouldn't say no but I'd prefer less."

      I'm pretty sure that was aimed at me, as in she was saying don't take her class. That was before I said thank you and calmed her down a little.

      If I do go and meet her and she's still rude it's really a tight situation. On the one hand, I cannot say after I meet her I don't want to take it because then I would ahve wasted her time. So it's almost like before I meet her I have to decide whether to take it

    • Hmm good luck, i just dk if by summer she will have forgotten it. Either way i wish u luck whatever u decide to do.