Football players or fans. Please explain the pros and cons of a 3-4 defense vs 4-3 defense? And which defense is best?


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  • 3-4 is generally better against the run because your defensive linemen are playing to stop the run not to pass rush. Also in a 3-4 you can get pretty damn creative with blitzes and coverages which makes it hard for the opposing QB. A big drawback is that it's disastrous running the 3-4 without the right players, most importantly a studly nose tackle. A 4-3 is more of a pass-rushing defense where your linemen are the ones rushing, not the OLB's. However this can vary a lot depending on gap schemes and stuff like that. A 4-3 is generally considered a safer defense to run because you don't need really specific personnel as you do in a 3-4.


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