Harry Potter fans! Spoiler warning! Feel like answering a few questions?

Okay, I'm going to ask the question and he give my answer to it.

1: What's your house?

2: Who's death did you find most shoking and were most upset about?
(As a twin, Fred's)

3: Do you agree with Ginny and Harry marrying, as well as Ron and Hermione, or George and Angela Johnston (I'm not kidding about this one - look it up). Tell me which ones you disagree with (and add any if you feel the need).
(Harry and Ginny didn't feel right to me.)

4: Who was your favourite actor in the movie besides Alan Rickman (okay, you can chose him, but try to think if child actors in the first movie or something).
(James Phelps - Fred)

5: Were you satisfied with the ending?

(This speaks for itself)


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What Guys Said 1

  • Did it on Pottermore not too long ago.
    House: Gryffindor
    Patronus : Buzzard
    My wand : Cypress Wood with Dragon Heartsring core , 13" and surprisingly swishy flexibility

    2: Who's death. Definitely Sirius Black. The black swan in his family , a good man who was wrongfully convicted , dying such an unceremonial death of being pushed into the veil. He deserved better.

    3: Ehk... Harry and Hermione , they are very good friends but there has never been this... sexual chemistry between them two. There were chemistry between Harry and Cho Cheng , I think maybe Ginny as well but Hermione , they never saw each other as actual romantic partners , just very good friends.

    4: Favourite actor , Alan Rickman. :D
    Child actors... uhhhh not really... they were good but not enough to be mentioned... the youngest one would be Emily Kinney.

    5: Ending - NOOOOoo

    6: Grrrr , I mean... JK needs to keep the story going and raise the stakes but GAWD DAMN


What Girls Said 1

  • I love you bruh, you know that? Potterhead forever <3
    1. Griffindor (I'm pretty sure it should be Hufflepuff but you know, you can't fight the sorting hat)
    2. ugh. Fred obviously. And Lupin and Tonks got me crying like hell. Don't even TALK about Dumbledore.
    3. The only relationships I hate is Harry and Ginny, and Hermoine and Ron. (why tho? Harry and Hermoine are PERFECT for each other)
    4. I loved Emma Watson (the usual, usual) Mattew Lewis (Neville) was really good at acting dorky too. Haha, i loved David Bradly (Filch) but i can't mention EVERYONE, sadly, so there.
    5. Nononononononononononoono! (no)
    6. I broke eyes though, i really did. :/