Do You Think It's Possible For An ENTIRE Orchestra to Create An Improvised Piece?

I just thought about this 10 minutes ago. Wouldn't this be the greatest musical achievement of all time? Having an entire orchestra create a piece off the top of their head like they're a small jazz musicians?
I think it's borderline impossible, but I think it's closer to being possible if a few rules are applied to make it easier.

1. They start with a precomposed theme, melody, or chord progression.
2. They agree before starting that after x number of measures, they hit a breakdown or another specific part of the piece, maybe planning the chord progression, theme or melody of that before the show as well.

To have a full or even smaller sized orchestra pull this off would be, in my opinion, the greatest musical feat of mankind. Period.

Any fellow music nerds or enthusiasts have any thoughts on this?


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  • It would be very difficult but maybe a group of super talented musicians who've been playing together forever could do it with practice.


What Guys Said 1

  • Usually it's just jazz musicians that are used to improvising. College theory/keyboard skills classes usually teach improvisation, but not to any extensive degree.

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