Do people not realize how absolutely stupid 'Call of Duty' has become?

I haven't played the latest one but Black Ops III had the most idiotic, incomprehensible campaign ever, and the multiplayer nowadays is basically a joke. It's so weird and unrealistic. At least in Battlefield it actually feels like you're in a real warzone as much as it possibly can in a video game.


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  • I bought Black Ops III and it's been one of my worst gaming buys ever. Agree 100% that the story is crap, and after I played some more other recent COD games, I've realised they've all been money grabs. The same thing year after year, maybe some new addition that isn't needed like the whole booster thing in BO3. A lot of the older ones are great but now it's gone to shit. And this is because it's now aimed at a different market, no longer people looking for an immersive and realistic experience, it's aimed at younger people who want a high octane, competitive online game and that's exactly what COD is focused on now. And hence why people aren't realising how stupid it is and give into buying the same recycled game year after year

  • I still like it but whatevs

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