How do I hide a file from my gallery in my LG G3? There is no option to hide, and people sometimes use my phone and they don't need to see it?

And I don't want install even more apps than can enable hiding, I need the space. Ibuswd to be able to hide things but option is no longer there after the system update


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  • just add. nomedia file on the folder you want to hide. problem solved

    • Just add that to the name? Its an mp4 file.. then where can I know where to look for it?

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    • It's function is so that the gallery doesn't read the folder where the ". nomedia" file is located and everything else in it

    • Thanks man, now I can download whatever I want and nobody will ever know

  • Google how to create a private folder on android. There should be many options.

    • Or you could just download an app locker and put a password on your gallery app.

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