What the heck is this movie?

I know this hasn't anything to do with anything on this site, but there is this movie, where this girl gets this guy to fall for her, and in order to actually date her, he has to go through all of these things where he acts chivalrous, is polite and slowly molds into a polite guy.


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  • Was the guy a car salesman or something like that. Your making me vaguely remember a car showroom, and like balloons in the background I think, and something about a guy who looked like a football player maybe?


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  • that's almost literally any romantic comedy

    • well the girl, if I remember correctly, doesn't want to be looked at as easy, so when he dates her, she fusses about everything, like when he picks her up, she waits until he opens to door for her.

    • So the chick is a jerk and the guy isn't. ok never seen that movie. that's not enough information for me to figure it out

    • Okay, thanks anyway