Is there any Overwatch Players here on gag?

What's your curent SR and highest SR for season 3?
What are your 3 main heros?
Favorite map?
Least favorite map?
What platform do you play on?
Biggest pet peeve about ranked?

My current SR is 2297, my highest SR is 2421
My 3 main heros are: Lucio, Pharah, Mei
Favorite map: El Dorado
Least favorite: Oasis
Platform: PS4
Pet peeve: When people don't play as a team, don't wanna switch, don't get on the payload or point, and are just fucken cunts!


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  • Current: 2800 something. Highest: 2998 (for fucks sake)
    What are your 3 main heros? Junkrat, Zarya and McCree
    Favorite map? Ilios
    Least favorite map? Lijang Tower
    What platform do you play on? PC
    Biggest pet peeve about ranked? Fucking retards that play the most useless shit, never change hero when they are e. g Pharah vs a McCree, Soldier and Ana, proper shit supports that can't position and blame the team, playing support and teams blatantly ignoring you, retards that can't group up, generally everyone in Overwatch I hate.

    • 2998! Omfg! I would be crying haha how did u not get to diamond

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    • No I meant 4 golds as in 4 gold medals :P

    • oh by the way i'm diamond now :)

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  • Started playing this month so fairly new to the game.

    Current SR is around 2050, highest around 2200.
    3 main heroes are Mercy, Diva and Hanzo
    Don't have a favourite or least favourite map
    Platform: PC
    Biggest pet peeve are backseat players. I may be new to the game, but I know the basics. I don't need some level 300 sadcase who is stuck in gold to tell me what to do.

  • Love overwatch
    Three main characters are soldier, winston (i think is my personal best) and lucio / mercy depends
    Fav map Hollywood
    Least fav Volskia prob
    Platform PC is the only way to go
    I dont play ranked cause none of my friends ever want to so i refuse to solo que
    So its hard to complain about people not listening or willing to switch when im playing casual lol
    I like when you try and call something out or suggest something they just say you are salty 😑

    • Just play ranked it's a lot of fun even solo queuing, chances are you'll find a team and play well together and decide to stay as a team, u can find really great players solo queuing but u can also get shitty players

  • I'm more about HotS at the moment. It's got a couple overwatch heroes in it (Tracer and Zarya). Zarya is alright under the right conditions..

  • Halo player here! 👋


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