Do you think celebrities try too hard on talk shows?

When Hollywood actors go on talk shows they usually say really silly, inane quirky things to make themselves seem really engaging and few seem to be genuine.

what are your thoughts on this?

are you ok with it, am I wrong, do you agree?


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  • Yeah but can understand why. They have a image to uphold and they have to be careful with what they say, could cause an uproar or maybe nothing at all. The media can twist what they say and do into something the complete opposite. Hate to be a celebrity.

    • any specific examples of who tries too hard

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    • fallons fake as plastic but conans unbearable. kimmels cool and watchable.

    • Yeah Fallon makes me cringe so badly. Hate his whole show but Kimmel is bearable. He seems chill and genuine. doesn't try too hard, you either like him or you dont

  • Like who? Some of them do seem fake but others are kinda dull and I can see why they fake it. Like Beyonce, I'm sorry but she seems very dull in her interviews and talk shows compared to her Sasha Fierce persona, I can see why she created it


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