For those of you who've seen The Office, would you want a relationship like Jim and Pam's?

For those of you who've seen The Office, would you want a relationship like Jim and Pam's?
If you haven't seen The Office, I really recommend it (it's a TV show). It's on Netflix.

If you have, then I'd like to ask: Do you want a relationship like theirs? If you're a guy, do you want to find a girl like Pam? If you're a girl, do you want a guy like Jim? Or do you hate the drama and think it's not worth it?
Guys, would you wait that long (3 yrs) to "get the girl"?
I think their relationship was pretty realistic, and I don't think there was that much drama about it.
I loved it when they were together, though. They made such a cute couple! :)


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  • I think that I would love to have a relationship like that. Couples who actually respect each other and truly love each other is so rare nowadays which is why so many people get divorced.
    For me, divorce is not an option; I want to get married eventually and start a family but I also don't want to rush into it. I'd gladly wait if I knew that eventually I would find a girl that I could talk to for hours, and just generally love to be with.
    I have a pretty bad track record with girls because I always chose great looks over personality and although I definitely regret all those terrible choices I have made with choosing my girlfriends, I feel like it helped open my eyes on what I truly want.

  • I would definitely wait 3 years knowing that the girl which i want to spend the rest of my life with will be waiting for me past the 3 years.
    Every second of it will be worth, and it will be very fun to have such a funny and fun friendship while i wait out all those 3 years with her by my side as a friend.
    However i don't want this all to get as complicated as stealing a girl who's already planning to marry a different guy, i will never do such thing as it strongly opposes one of my core values.
    And I am partially different than Jim, I will NEVER dare to think of giving up even the tiniest thing in a relationship, even if it means getting much higher salary, promotions or anything that other guys will find very tempting.
    To me, my girlfriend / future wife means the whole world to me no matter what.
    But umm... Yeah! :D
    I wish that i had a relationship like that, one which turns out that the girl i am dating really is going to be "the one".

    • That's great! I totally respect that. It's always nice to be friends first.
      I agree with you on the "stealing a girl who's engaged;" it's not the nicest way to go about it lol. Also, yeah, I didn't like Jim very much when he was arguing with Pam about that new job... At least they worked it out, though.

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