What does it take to be an actor/actress?

Aren't they pretty much just doing what they're told to do? How do you go about getting into it?


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  • my step mom used to work at the motion picture hospital In calabasas CA and I've always been intrigued with acting and movies. she gave me a heads up, Its about who you know.. your proabally 10 or less people away from an acting gig. For example I knew my step mom whos an ex nurse but is still friends with A doctor by the last name of lewinsky who's the father of monica lewinsky who fucked with bill clinton... its about who you know (and Its true she does know dr lewinsky)


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  • It all starts with auditions. You basically have to get as much experience as you can and go to as many auditions as you can. Work on short films, commercials, plays modeling. Whatever you can do to get your likeness on some form of media.

    You need to spend your time doing this wisely. You have to network the shit out of yourself. Be nice, easy to work with and good at what you do. That will make directors, DP's, writers, producers and pretty much everyone remember you. You want to give yourself every opportunity for someone to remember you or bring you up somewhere.

    Generally, once your making good money, the way you keep getting work is like that. But if you live in NJ or near NY, California obviously, Miami has a community I hear, Texas is growing like a weed. You will find auditions on everything from Craigslist to Baskstage. Lots of actors follow twitter and facebook accounts linked to Casting agencies that look for extras to be in big stuff. Those are crazy easy to get into though, Some people brag about being a fucking extra in some random HBO series and at this point I just roll my eyes.

    But that's basically it, you start off really small, do work for free, show up EARLY. That's a big rule with set's. It doesn't matter if you are the coffee guy or the producer; ON TIME IS LATE!! Especially when working with paid locations or other expenses that go with larger productions.

    It is also hard to act. People think it's easy but here, I'll give you an example from a directors point of view. I had to work with someone who. . . wasn't an actor this one time and she had a line to read. I probably said something like "I need you to read this like you're being sarcastically excited" let's just say that the line was "Oh, great." there's a million ways to say that, you can say it excited, sad, maybe worried. Or sarcastically like I told her. She for some reason could not stop saying it in a completely monotone voice.

    We sat there for like 20 minutes until finally I started saying the line myself and she couldn't even copy me. I mean at this point I realized that some people just don't get it. They're doing something totally wrong and they can't see why.

    So it takes a measure of self-awareness too. Confidence, likability, networking ability, skill and professionalism while still being fun to be around.

    • And I just want to add that being lucky has a lot less to do with it than most people thinks. In the creative world, the cream always rises to the top and while it's not as true with acting, it still holds a lot of insight to how it all works. The fact is, most people who try acting aren't really any good.

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  • Those college courses for acting and going and auditioning to get a role for scripted entertainment


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  • Acting talent, being attractive/beautiful and being very, very lucky that you get chosen at an important audition out of the 200 contestants who were all just as good as you.

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