Why do you think the act of eating the only red apple in a fruit bowl is used to mark who the asshole character is in a movie?

CinemaSins has made it into a running joke and apparently that's a well known thing, but why?

When did the movie trope of identifying the movie's sarcasm guy by having him take a bite out of a red apple from a bowl of other dissimilarly colored fruits become a thing? It just seems so random.


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  • Is this true? Do you have some examples? I mean, if it's true, I assume it's a biblical reference as most western Christian cultures depict the "forbidden fruit" as a red apple. Word on the street is that originally, the reference fruit was a pomegranate but they're both very healthy fruits to eat so I have no problem with Him promoting either fruit. If it was a banana, I would take issue with it as the banana is basically a muffin in disguise.


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