Is there a song that makes you cry whenever you hear? And why?

Mine is from the musical notre dame de paris, les oiseaux qu'on met en cage...

the line that makes me cry/moves my feelings a lot is:

les oiseaux qu'on met en cage peuvent-ils encore voler?

~can caged birds still fly?~

i love quasimodo-esmeralda story. And i can relate to the essence of the song in the musical. To me the song (put in the musical and Hugo's fictional story) is about broken past, broken promises, broken dreams of future, heart shattered into pieces, and you're in desperation that you dont need anyone but one person whom you're strongly connected with but you dont even know if you ever see that person again. Reminds me of my first love/last love/only love.

So what song makes you cry or moves your feelings?


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  • Nope. I don't think so

  • Yes cause it is sad