I really want to, but don't know how to start?

Hey y'all.
I've been suffering from depression over the last two years now but through Spirituality found a way of guidance.. in these two years I never really spoke to much people about what has been going on with me.. The only help I could feel was listening to music, everything I've learned in those two years was through the songs and lyrics speaking to me. that's the time I also started songwriting.. I'm planning on making music to give back to the music itself. contributing and helping those who are going through the same shit I did and currently still am.. hopefully lighting there path as music lightened mine.
I really am into music today and for the past months all I've been doing is writing down my thoughts and lyrics.. I know it takes some time but the thing is I don't really know how to get started with making music. are any songwriters and singer here that might have some tips about starting with making music?

Have a great evening ❤


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  • That's awesome and inspiring!

    I can't help with the music stuff, sorry, but you're doing all the right things: seeking advice, and looking for solutions, helping others, writing down your thoughts, and building your purpose!

    I have a background in anxiety and depression and I've found that connecting with others, and focusing on my purpose, helped pull me out of my self-created inner prison of suffering.

    I think music helps because it helps focus the mind on the present moment. And writing our thoughts down helps us regain perspective.

    Because anxiety and depression are reinforced by our own isolation and lack of perspective.

    I've learned that being "mindful" is about being present. In the here and now. And music has a magically way of helping us be "in the moment." I'll just add that anxiety comes from thinking about the future, and depression comes from thinking about the past.

    I wish I was as wise as you at your age - good for you! And I wish you well on your career path,
    ~ Robby

    • Thanks a lot for your support, Robby! It's really wonderful connecting with people that went or still go through the same stuff. I feel understood by just feeling that we're not alone out here doing our thing.

      Wish you all the best buddy 💪🙏