Do you think the 80s was the best decade for movies?
I think it was it has some of the most enjoyable movies of all time.
Predator. Alien. Aliens. First blood. First blood 2. Rambo 3. The abyss. Die hard. Top gun. The terminator. Ferias Buellers day off. Gremlins. Ghostbusters. Back to the Future. The princess bride. Star Wars 5. Star Wars 6. Raiders of the lost ark. Karate kid. Bill and teds excellent adventure.

The list goes on. Those are movies I've seen and loved Don't get me wrong all them oldy classics are great to buy not as enjoyable as these movies. So do you the no the 80s movies stand out from the rest? What do you think?

  • Yes 80s movie The brst
  • Not really Meh
  • Depends on movie
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  • Of course.

    Nothing is even remotely close to how good the 80s were to cinema history. Countless amount of classics. Nearly all of the most memorable horror movies. Truly ground breaking sci fi and fantasy movies. Great musical scores. Many genius directors that were still in their primes. Tons of niche films that didn't try catering to everyone. The list goes on.

    There's a reason that so many movies from the 80s have been rebooted in the last decade. We will never see another decade for cinema like it again.

    • I agree with you fully
      Great music (Hans Zimmer's music still better though)
      Best directors James Cameron Ridley Scott (those are two best I can think of) especially James Cameron he's dont some of the best movies ever
      The most classic horror movies I'm watching Predator right now!!!
      Full agreement

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    • Oh yah in my list I forgot ROBOCOP
      That suit costume piece was awesome

    • What I think is sad is that people think I'm weird for liking 80s stuff
      Many people don't agree with me that the 80s movies are the best
      I understand why there's great classic in the 21 century coming out but very very rarely.
      I think they should watch more 80s movies

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  • Totally. Also want to throw in Robocop, Bloodsport, Kickboxer, Excalibur, The Neverending Story, Willow, Enemy Mine, ... Actually you're right, the list seems endless.

    • On yah how could I ever forget ROBOCOP!
      I saw the never ending story when I was kid and hated it and I never watched it again. Well maybe I should recap I might actually like it this time.
      The other I haven't seen YET

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    • Kickboxer and Bloodsport were cheesy Jean-Claude van Damme flicks, but the music from Paul Hertzog made them badass to me.

    • Cool I'll look it to seeing them