Where are some good places to go to help get inspiration and story ideas to write?

I have an idea of my next story I want to write. I want to do a trilogy but I was wondering if anyone could think of a place that helps them brainstorm ideas. Basically I'm just plotting the story but I am not writing the draft yet until I outline the novel and make sure it makes sense

It's a science fiction young adult novel


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  • I usually get out walk around the city to find my story ideas,

    • Random question: So what parts of japan are not safe?

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    • Did it exist in the 19th century? The story takes place in the 1890s

    • in that case is impossible, because japan at that time are empire and still at war.

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  • Depends what you want the novel to be based on, if it is full of complex relationships then anywhere central with plenty of people watching opportunity or if there's a lot of detailing about the surroundings go out in to the countryside where you can be at peace and free your mind. Reading about real life experiences of people who have lived through the issues you plan to involve in the book are always insightful as you can draw small notes frim the emotions they felt and the situations that they found themselves in. Good luck!

    • Thanks. I want to write a young adult story and I usually write just adult stories, so I am not really nervous

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