Roger "Soft" Goodell has ruined the NFL?

I'm sick of the stupid rule of "Hit on a defenseless receiver. WTH! You can't even hit hard anymore? The game has become so freakin soft, it's pathetic to even watch! Not to mention the referees are the stars of the game, always throwing a flag on tiki tak plays. I'm ticked off man!!!

  • Yes Goodell has to go. He's ruined the NFL with a bunch of stupid rules that makes the game soft.
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  • Goodell is fine.
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  • That rule has a place, they just invoke it too often. That being said, I don't agree with Goodell trying to remove kickoff returns.

  • I mean, in some cases, yeah, but the NFL doesn't wanna get sued out their dick and players to end up like Muhammad Ali

    • Than don't play then. Roger Goodell is messing with how the game is suppose to be played. That's why the rating are trash.

    • I mean that's the players union and competition committee and the union for retired players and Cba more than goodell. I hate goodell more than most, but let's be realistic here. And that's not why the ratings are trash. It's mostly cause of shit like NFL network