How to get into acting?

Since I was maybe in the 5th grade I have wanted to be an actress. I've never taken any classes or even tried it but I have always wanted to try it. My parents told me always told me know and I eventually forgot about it for a couple of years.

I've never wanted to be anything like a doctor or a lawyer. I've always have been interested in working with people and doing something fun. I am a very creative person. I've always loved writing and video editing, reading books and even dancing. And I have always wanted to try acting.

I have been an extra before but being an extra isn't acting. When you're an extra you're basically a prop. You are just apart of the background design. Being an extra though as got me experience with being on an actual set and understanding what goes on and it also has helped me make some extra money which is always helpful but it isn't acting.

I would really like to get into acting but at my school they don't offer drama or anything like that. There are many acting studios in my city that offer classes but the prices range from $200-$500.

I know it is a very hard thing to get into and I am not going to get all my hopes up but I would like to try and sort of get it into it I guess.

So yeah if you know anything about it any advice it helpful!


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