If you could make a TV Show/Animated Show, what would it be about?

Don't need to go into details if you want, a brief summary is welcome.
Love hearing the creative juices flowing from individuals.


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  • A quest to find magic items to save the world!!

    I've played too much final fantasy as a kid


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  • Well.. Perhaps something like a group of individuals from completely different backgrounds starts hearing voices, and somehow find each other. Exploring said voices, they come upon some ancient/outworld construct, that takes them on a trip through the universe, showing them things, yet unknown to our brighest heads.. going into details about our origin, purpose and such. Animated of course.

    I don't know if most would enjoy that, but I'd watch it. :3

    • Holy crap! That sounds amazing! I would love to see that, thank you for sharing!

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    • Thanks for the appreciation. I'm just putting what I think about on an everyday basis, into words.. And then apply a story to it. :3

    • Same here dude, I don't share my ideas because I think they are hella weird, thanks for having the guts to do so, and you managed to make it sound amazing :)

  • TV Show: Basically a Western Gaki no Tsukai - the formula is interesting but unexploited.

    Animated show: A sci do show detailing the struggle of people when faced with an expanding sphere of nothing that will consume and end the universe within ten years.

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