Hi everybody! Would you please rate my singing?

So I've been practicing quite a bit. I can't afford a teacher so it's been all me. I know my voice is soft and I have asthma so controlling my breathing when I sing is difficult but I've been trying. Could you tell me how my singing is? Tips and advice are also appreciated! :D
Thank you!



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  • First things first... is that your real accent? If so, I'm jealous haha. Singing the Beatles would be so much easier if I had a British accent 😊

    Anyways, I have to say that when I heard your clip, I had the strangest feeling of not being all there. It's like I was in my closet again, late at night, holding my phone 2 inches away and singing along to Beatles tracks. I'd like to say that I later went on to become the greatest singer in history... but that hasn't quite happened haha. But I do know that my singing did improve significantly after I picked up an instrument and began truly "playing the song".

    My recommendations to you (which you don't have to follow of course, they're only suggestions) are

    1. Learn an instrument. Maybe guitar or piano or something like that. You don't need extensive knowledge, just enough to know the notes and chords to a song.

    2 . Don't sing right next to your recorder. I don't know if you live alone or not, but for me, since I'm extremely shy about my playing and singing, I wait until I'm home alone before I begin to record. If you live alone you have an advantage, you don't have to wait haha. So set your phone or whatever you want to record with down near you, and try that. You'll find that it clears up the "muffled" sound you have right now.

    Like I said, this is all just advice. I was struck by how similar you sound to how I was not long ago and I just wanted to try to help any way I can. Good luck with your singing, I think you could be really great 😊❤️☮️

    • Haha, there were people in the house so I was trying not to be too loud. But thanks for the advice!

      I'm from Canada so I don't have a British accent but thank you anyway 😂

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    • You're welcome

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  • You can't hear that?

    I don't know how tone deafness works, if it's ears, but you appear to have it. I can't detect a noticeable melody.

  • Try a different instrument. Or different pastime. At least learn how to mix your audio properly.

  • Woop woop 😊


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  • There are a few notes where you sound like you have a lot of potential but most of the time it sounds like you're just talking. Ya gotta sing

  • You need to work on it

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