In your opinion, can famous youtubers still live normal lives and have the same amount of privacy as normal people? Why or why not?

The title says it all.

  • yes, I believe they can
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  • No, they can't go outside and take a walk without a crowd of people approaching them for selfies.
    Or even go up to your private house and look through your god damn windows and stalking you (pewdiepie has a video about this)


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  • No, if they are well known everything changes

    • How so?

    • They can never stop being famous at the snap of a finger. They can no longer make public appearances without being recognized and perhaps even mobbed. And thanks for MHO, btw! :)

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  • Yeah.

  • Depends how many fans you have. But I imagine in their home city people are used to seeing them.

    • Say a few million

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    • So you're answer is yes?

    • To a reasonable person, yes.

      But crazy people are crazy people.

      I mean personally, who the fuck would stalk a stupid youtuber. They're just people.

  • Looks fade away

  • Alfie Deyes and Zoella are the best

    • But they don't have any privacy 😂 they literally have people sneaking into their neighbor's yards just to get a view of them eating

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    • I mean I know who they are, I watches their videos before

    • I live in England x

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