What should the title of this series be?

(I'll keep the description here minimal.)
*Title must be less than 4 words.

The series is about a person's story. It starts out with them as a toddler and slowly progresses into their teen years, then so forth. It talks of crucial events that lead up to their 4 year-long depression as a teenager. At the end, it explores how things could have occurred differently and whether or not that person wishes for things to have been better.

(Yes, I know it's confusing.)
What should the title be? "My Mind's Prison" and "Forever Falling" are two examples. (The story is from their perspective, and is narrated by them, so words such as my and I will be used.)


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  • What Could've Been


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  • "IF"

    If you get a Grammy I want a honorable mention lol

    • If? It's going on YouTube. I need something to catch people's attention.

    • What about a question title? I am sorry if I suck at this but it's my first time lol

      "IF-what would you do differently?"

      I like it cause I think it would make the viewers answer the question for themselves and that way they would relate more with the series.

    • It's too long

  • "I don't know"

    • Lol...

    • If anyone asks, it's the state of confusion the teenager is going through haha

  • My life struggle


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