Who do you think would win Raiden or Thor (no weapons involved)?

I think Raiden would since he is an immortal thunder God, doesn't heavily rely on a weapon and knows martial arts. Thor has some weaknesses. I know, they already did some video on YouTube were they made Thor win but I think that's only because Thor is popular and to some people "overrated". An interesting thing to note is that it is revealed in "MK VS DC" that Raiden can defeat superman if you choose the MK side.

  • Raiden the protector of Earthrealm would win
  • Thor would win
  • Neither/draw
  • Raiden fans would make Raiden win and Thor fans would make Thor win
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  • Raiden wins Thor is WAY to reliant on his hammer. It would be probably a 8/10 for difficulty.

  • I say raiden would Thor is my favorite but he doesn't kill people raiden does. But on the other hand does raiden have any other power than lighting because I'm pretty sure that there both immune to that and Thor is super strong and durable

    • Raiden has super human strength and is durable as well.

    • Well then I guess raiden would win unless Thor found a way to emprison him for all eternity.

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