What do you think of ISLAMIC TERRORIST songs?

If you're going to be offended by it then don't view it.

This is Uyghur language from China

This is Uyghur language too

Believe it or not, these music is made by ISIS. I'm surprised YouTube haven't removed them.


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  • These are the rantings of delusional psychopaths and cowards.
    The only time that these warriors of Allah are 'brave' is when they are murdering people who cannot shoot back.
    ISIL and all other Muslim terrorists are the lowest filth on the planet.
    The Australian Army used to pay me to deal with this sort of filth, but I would do it for free with a joyous heart.
    All bullets dipped in pig blood, freeze-dried pig blood inserted into all explosive munitions and all bayonets dipped in pig blood.
    No 72 virgin goats for them. :-)


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  • You know the weirdest thing?

    Click on the link in the Wall Street Journal article and listen. No, your ears don't decieve you: That's Mandarin to recruit the Muslim 維吾爾族 "Uyghur" people in mainland China to join them.

    Considering their idea that musical instruments are instruments of the devil, I can see why they would be limited to only human voices. That sounds stupid though, since that also condemns their own Middle Eastern classical music to the rubbish heap and their great composers to Hell.

  • How are they not banned on YouTube already?

  • Just report them