Who makes their own song meaning like me?

when I listen to music, if it's about love, I make it my own meaning.. not, love I just go with the style of the song and instruments.. even if I hate a certain topic, when I hear the song, I make it my own sad meaning even if the meaning is waay off.. even if I say the same lyrics..

example, I'm not really a guy that loves my country and has a connection to it.. but if I hear a song about it and defending it and a sad one.. I become sad and sometimes in tears.. but not for the song but because it's "sad" so ye


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  • It's very common for people to personalise song lyrics, particularly when they are feeling sad or depressed. Indeed, some people spend far too long wallowing in music and lyrics and it keeps them down. There is a time for grief and music can help with that time but it should be limited. Music can also be used to uplift the soul, so to speak, and that kind of music should be your staple diet.

    • lol listening to music is pretty much life.. lol.. not like these stupid over rated songs.. no

      but the underrated rock bands are amazing