Which video game fanboys do you think are worse, PC fanboys or Console fanboys?

As stupid as this whole "PC Master Race" shenanigans is, I also find it stupid how console gamers (at least the Xbox and PlayStation fanboys) blindly think their gaming platform is as powerful as a very high-end gaming PC.

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  • PC...


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  • console fanboys cause us PC master racers are right @riggers

    • I was once on an gaming board, asking if an Xbox One is becoming pointless to buy at the moment since the vast majority of their exclusives have PC ports now, without even trashing the console. Basically just pointing out facts about the Xbox One with no badmouthing and yet it still triggered a lot of Xbox fanboys and they start having a meltdown by resorting to insults at me, lol.

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  • I'd say the most extreme console fanboys are generally the ones making more technical mistakes about their hardware.

    That said, PC fanboys sometimes often make one glaring software mistake repeatedly. When you're a game developer targeting consoles, you have the advantage of fixed hardware (it's going to be the same for every consumer of that console). That makes development, testing, and optimization far, far easier and generally more effective given that there's no dealing with an endless variety of different hardware and drivers.

    As a result, software targeted for consoles tends to be more optimized even though it's running on weaker hardware and generally better-tested. That's a point that is often overlooked by the PC fanboys not looking at things from the game developer's side (former gamedev here).

    • That said, a good PC gaming rig is going to blow inferior console hardware out of the water. But the software development point is something worth keeping in mind to be fair.

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    • In conclusion though, I don't think either console or PC is "better". It is just a strong pet peeve of mine that so many people ignore the software side of the argument. There's far more to evaluating a platform than the power of the hardware.

    • ... and even when it comes to evaluating how a game is going to look, sound, and run. Phew okay, done now! Sorry, had to get that off my chest. So many people ignore what it's like to actually develop games for various hardware.

  • I think that anyone who even makes consoles vs PCs a thing should really get out more. They don't need to be in competition, they can meet entirely different needs whilst also sharing some crossover. A console cannot possibly match up on spec to a high end PC, not least because a PC can forever be customised and upgraded. A console is like a gaming starter kit, everything is there for you to just plug in and play. It's easy gaming. It serves a purpose. PC gaming is for the real elite gamer, most people would agree with that. Some people just don't have the time and/or interest to care that much about gaming. The console is a nice, easy option for those people.

  • They're both stupid.

    Any real gamer has both platforms and appreciates the pros/cons of both.

  • Console for the same reason you think.

  • It's typically PC fanboys that throw a fit if a port isn't compatible like Deus Ex or Batman.
    Console fanboys go on wars only with other console fanboys.

    • Let's not forget how ridiculously delusional console fanboys are when they believe their consoles are as highly powerful as high-end gaming PCs when consoles, including the Xbox One and PS4 are no where near remotely close to as powerful as a high-end gaming PC.

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