Shuffle Tag Game?

I really like doing these. It's so fun ^^

I'll put the questions and then my answer but you should answer with your own songs of course that come on your shuffle ;)
There's some that are 15 questions and have more stuff but I thought I'd start with a simple common one so it's not too much work for people ^^

1. How I'm feeling today?
Happiness - Red Velvet that is true ^^

2. My love life?
Anxiety - The Black Eyed Peas & Papa Roach
I did have some stress recently but everything is good with my girlfriend atm :)
This song is awesome by the way, especially if you turn it up all the way on the headphones :P

3. How my friends see me?
I remember - Kaskade They still remember me that's good :P

4. How Today will turn out?
I'm supposed to die tonight - 50 Cent interesting :P

5. How my crush feels about me?
Waitin' on a Sunny Day - Bruce Springsteen
That's weird because the celebrity I have a huge crush on is called Sunny ^^
Shuffle Tag Game ?
6. My Wedding Song?
Don't Get Me Wrong - The Pretenders
Pretty good fit :)

7. Song I'd make love to?
I just wanna Love U - JAY-Z & Pharell
more a dancing song ^^

8. Advice I need to take?
It's Tricky - RUN -D. M. C.
I know it is ! Life is tricky :(

9. What should I do with my life?
Sunshine - Rye Rye & M. I. A.
So I should make people happy? ^^

10. Theme Song of my Life
One More Time - Daft Punk
pretty good song :)

I hope it's fun for you too ! ^^

bump it takes some time to do this sorry about that :P


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  • Here goes lol

    1. How I'm feeling
    Year 3000

    2. My love life
    I Don't Like It, I Love It lmao

    3. How my friends see me
    Love Myself (that's just sad 😂)

    4. How today will turn out
    Die For You

    5. How my crush feels about me

    6. My wedding song
    Die Young

    7. Sex song

    8. Advice I need to take
    Hehe Where Is The Love

    9. What should I do?
    So Good

    10. Theme song of my life

    • Thanks for answering ^^
      Keep loving yourself then others will too ^^ :P

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