If all your teachers WERE taken over by Aliens what would you do?

So let say some aliens that have amphibian/crustacean characteristics that enter through the ear. Once they take over their host, their behaviour is altered so that their inner desires come out. For example - If a girl wished she was more confident and sexy, she will turn into that. In addition, the host is nearly unavailable, able to regenerate and survive fire, decapitation and loss of limbs. The only thing that puts them down is cocaine which causes an allergic reaction. Lastly, they all need to be rehydrated with water.

[Personality Change]

The only way to bring everyone back to normal is to find the queen, who is someone within the student body.

The queen is about 3x the size of a normal human and is basically an elarged version of the parasite.

What would you do?

[the host is nearly unkillable]


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