I wanna make a cool cover photo?

okay so i wanna make a cool cover photo kinda thing that includes my gamertag and a cool picture (i know this isn't very helpful) but i was wondering if you guys know of any apps that would allow me to do it off my phone? something like the picture below except thats just a screenshot i took from one of my game play videos. just want to know if there are apps that would let me make something like that.i wanna make a cool cover photo??


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  • Pixlr.

  • I have no suggestions but I play over watch too. ahah.

    • thats cool I've been off for the past month and won't be back on for another 2 because my partner and i are in the middle of moving

    • Yeah I've been packed this whole semester with school work. Haven't been able to get on too much but I heard they made a new hero. I only really play hanzo tbh.

  • f**kin reapers

    • oh i have my Zarya and mercy this one was just the better looking of the 3

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    • i mean i can play everyone except genji, hanzo and widow but those three are the ones who got me to diamond so they're my favourites

    • hardcore lol, fair enough

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