Have you ever freaked out of excitement as a kid when someone surprises you with a brand new gaming platform (console, gaming PC , etc.)?

as a Christmas or B-Day Gift, like this Nintendo 64 boy?

  • Yes and I would still freak out of excitement when I get any newer consoles or gaming PC specs.
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  • Yes, I did when I was a kid.
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  • Kinda did once.
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  • No.
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  • I got excited once when I saw a new brand of body powder after I came home from school.
    I used to have obsession with body powder because I used to find every thing sticky.

    It used to make me mad.


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  • Of course~ I get hyped up and my energy level can take me to the moon & back lol. Game consoles where a big thing back then (and yup until now) I still get exited but not the same as before though ☺️

  • When I got a Wii I was happy XD


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