Tips on writing a very graphic fight scene?

I'm trying to write a really graphic fight scene. I need the reader to be able to feel just how violent and disturbing it is. It's in an underground fighting ring between two fighters who originally joined on their own, but eventually got sold, and contracted, and now even if they don't want to fight they have to. They are secluded, beaten, they're pretty fucking scary honestly.

I just suck at detailing lately, finding the right words to express how brutal it is to give the reader a sense of how disgusted the main character watching the fight is, and why they are, what made them...

Any sources for writing fight scenes, any tips, and even your own experience with writing very explicit violence would be helpful!


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  • All about details, as I assume you know. The smell of blood, the sounds of bones crunching under repeated onslaughts, the eyes of onlookers dead with rage as they scream for blood, getting cold sweats as he/she realizes they're next, and finaly breaking, seeing red as they realize it's do or die.

    • Oh, I almost forgot the "losing oneself to the madness, as he/she keeps on pummeling down on a defeated opponent who can't even move anymore."

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  • 1st off don't know ifs 3rd person or 1st person. But let's work with 3rd. Scenes are done by action and reaction. Action! Jot down what happen. The guy throws a punches. Okay. Now describe every little detail of what you think happen. Vaud pulled his arm back while balling his fist. You could almost hear his knuckles cracking as his grip gotten tighter. Vaud steps forward throwing his shoulders over and deliver a hard left punch. now now reaction. how did his opponent or him self react, but first show reflexes first! To get a reflex down pat you need to know how he feels. If he is focused and determined then we write. Vaud grit his teeth hoping the punch connected. reaction! Show the people what happens to the action.

    • Ask question about the action to become more detailed. Remember what I said about jotting down your idea. " Vaud threw a punch." Ask more questions.

      Who? "Vaud" Vaud what?" threw a punch"What kind of punch? " hard punch? Which hand? " left." Why? " so it can land on his opponent."

      You see now let's see.

      " Vaud threw a nice hard left punch to his opponent."

      So far so good.

  • The men are forced to fight each other or are being beaten up for whatever reason? I don't really understand. I can write it for you though if you give me more details.


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