To which of these fictional races fits better to the name of "Yoshika"?

I'm attempting to write a short biography for five fictional characters my daughter created, they are based on fantasy and fictional "races", one of them is named "Yoshika" or "Yoshi" in short form, but I can't decide which one to give that name.

Can you help?

  • Shinso
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  • Scylla
    Vote B
  • Lamia
    Vote C
  • Revenant
    Vote D
  • Arachne
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  • None, fits better to other "race" (suggest which)
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I didn't select MHO, the system did, so, don't get so excited!


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  • Sounds Japanese

    • it is Japanese, my daughter writes her stories in both English and Japanese.
      The question was to wich of the "races" in the list fits better the name.

    • I voted A only on the name itself not on the meaning of it

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  • Lamia means "child killer". I wrote a story one day whose main character's name was Lamia.