If your teacher tried this, would you find it interesting or be bored?

So as a teacher, we're tasked to engage students and teach them at the same time now using technology, too. And I'm an English teacher which makes it a little bit more difficult for me.

So I thought it'd be interesting to do a section on YouTube. My idea is that students will write, edit, and publish stories on YouTube. They'd have to use pictures and sound effects and music while reading their story out loud. At the end of the unit, we'll listen to each others stories and vote on the best. But this also means that I'll teach them about recording videos, phone functions, YouTube functions, computer things, stuff like that.

I made this one as an example to play for my students next week. I have a speech impediment unfortunately, so I actually got the idea when I started recording myself reading my short stories out loud so I could correct my speech patterns. Kinda sucks being an English teacher that no one can understand, but anyway, what do you think about the idea? The video is actually me reading and yes, the story is actually based on something that happened to my friend.. My YouTube page is here. It's new, but eh, still fun even if know one watches.

If you'd rather read the story, I just posted it as a myTake here. It's not edited in the video or the Take so if there's errors that's why.


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  • i'd prefer to read the story


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  • Yeah it is

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