Poll: Which show should I binge next?

A little info:
I'm into medieval-type shows like Reign & Game of Thrones but it doesn't have to be that kind.
I like romance.
I like strong female leads.

  • The 100
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  • The Crown
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  • 3%
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  • American Horror Story
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Stranger Things!
    Everyone likes it.

    • Have you seen it?

    • Yes, it's excellent. Had it recommended to me by a friend. My dad wanted a new show to watch and I recommended it to him and so my family watched it and my parents, sister, and brother all loved it. Only shitty thing is that there's over a year between seasons, which I didn't tell them at first. Season 1 came out last July, and season 2 comes out this October.

    • Hmm, I think I'll check it out. Thanks 😊

Most Helpful Girl

  • Wentworth is better than all those.


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